Coordinates the project during project period to keep the project and all related processes running smoothly and manage the activities, resources, equipment, and information

Owner of the test site in Brædstrup. Helps facilitate installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, daily operation of the plant and to take Their main laboratory in Horsens weekly analyses wastewater sample parameters.

COWI manages the practical arrangement with the steering and advisory committees, is a spare partner to Suez Water and will be responsible for the dissemination of the project results.

Aalborg University with their expertise focuses on analyzing process-related conditions and the microbiological conditions.

Take part in the preparatory activities, such as steel works on site and instalment of mechanical equipment like piping and valves.

Advisory group

The advisory group consist of Aarhus Vand, Hjørring Vandselskab A/S, DANVA, VandcenterSyd og Herning Vand and they follow the progress of the project.