The experiment is performed at Brædstrup Wastewater Treatment Plant (Samn Forsyning A/S)

Brædstrup wastewater treatment plant:

  • Without hospital connection
  • Discharge to Gudenåen
  • Hydraulic retention time (HRT) is 2-3 days (dry weather)
  • Two individual streams

Table 2: Treatment requirements for the discharged treated effluent.


Experimental tests

The WWTP is followed thoroughly with weekly samples of conventional parameters, such as COD, BOD, TSS, nitrogen- and phosphorous species by Samn Forsygnings own laboratory. However, this is not the only lab used. More than nine different laboratories are used across Denmark and the rest of Europe for the experimental tests.


Operational parameters

The operational parameters in multiple point ozonation shows, the energy consumption is approx. 0.12 kWh/m3 and LoX consumption is around 0.07 kg/m3. Considering energy cost of 0.1€/kWh and 0.3 €/ kg LoX, the total operation cost of 0.03 €/m3 is estimated. For the overall costs specifically related to the Micropollutant removal, cost due to ozonation system equipment must be added.